Detective Conan (Case Closed) - Episode #301 & 302

Title: Parade of Malice and Saints

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Status: Airing
  • The Tokyo Spirits (Soccer team) have won J1! There's a parade in honor for them and they're going throughout the city. The Police are there in disguise steaking out a boming that might take place. In the meantime...there is a bombing. When Takagi's car blows up, everyone is in a panic. During this, Mitsuhiko's video camera was stolen. Though the criminal went away with a blank tape. Why did the person steal his camera? And with many other bombings, can the police stop this person? With Takagi-kun in charge of checking over the video tape with the Detective Boys, Conan notices something unusual. With the absence of something that should be there, the Detective Boys help solve the case, and the culprits are caught....but is everything solved?
  • Episode Title:
    Parade of Malice and Saints
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