Higurashi: When They Cry - Episode #14

Title: Hinamizawa (Chapter: Time Wasting, Part 1)

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Status: Finished
  • Four years during the dam incident, Mamoru Akasaka investigates the kidnapping of Toshiki Inukai, the grandson of the dam's construction project manager. Ōishi tells Akasaka about the Dam Project Opposition Committee and three leading families. As the village tourist, he meets Rika. She warns him to return to Tokyo, but collapses and commences to act normally afterward. A colleague of Ōishi gives intel to Akasaka about the project, headed by Oryō. They learn about the missing child and know that a novice police investigator was dispatched to the village. She has given orders to take care of him, if he begins to meddle too much into their affairs. The next day, Ōishi informs Akasaka that they retrieved clues about the missing child in a deserted village called Takatsudo.
  • Episode Title:
    Hinamizawa (Chapter: Time Wasting, Part 1)
    Alternate Title:
    Himatsubushi-hen Sono Ichi – Hinamizawa
    Air Date: