Higurashi: When They Cry - Episode #21

Title: Condemnation (Chapter: Eye Opening, Part 6)

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Status: Finished
  • Shion tricks the townspeople into identifying Keiichi as a suspect. She quickly realizes Ōishi suspects her instead. She kills Satoko for holding captive as punishment for Mion. Then she remembers the day one of Satoshi's last requests was to keep Satoko safe. This drives her deeper into madness. The following day, Keiichi and Rena suspect Mion as Rika and Satoko's killer. Shion prepares to torture Keiichi in the dungeon. He begs her, whom he believes is Mion possessed by Oyashiro, to spare the sisters, which makes Shion sad, and she tasers Keiichi. Shion frees Mion, switches clothes with her and takes her to the body disposal well, telling her that Satoshi is down there. Mion tells her that the family had nothing to do with the disappearance of Satoshi, and that their grandmother approved of her relationship with Satoshi, but Shion refuses to believe her. Shion tases Mion, making her fall to the well. She and Keiichi are rescued. After the incident, Shion starts to hallucinate and attacks Keiichi, before falling to her death from the apartment balcony. As Shion imagines about Satoshi, she apologizes to him.
  • Episode Title:
    Condemnation (Chapter: Eye Opening, Part 6)
    Alternate Title:
    Meakashi-hen Sono Roku – Danzai
    Air Date: