Higurashi: When They Cry - Episode #22

Title: Happiness (Chapter: Atonement, Part 1)

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Status: Finished
  • The timeline is reset yet again. The chapter starts off with Rena and Keiichi winning the water-gun competition. Mion, Satoko and Rika plan to work the day at the Angel Mort Cafe, after losing the game. There, Rena meets Mamiya Rina. Rena recalls the past about the divorce of her parents, because her mother planned to marry another man. Back home, Rena learns Rina has helped her dad completely redo the entire living room, discarding properties, including Kenta-kun, the mascot statue of a fast food restaurant chain, KCF that she and Keiichi found from the landfill. The next day at a cafe, Rina and Hōjō Teppei steal money from the gang in order to save it for marriage.
  • Episode Title:
    Happiness (Chapter: Atonement, Part 1)
    Alternate Title:
    Tsumihoroboshi-hen Sono Ichi – Shiawase
    Air Date: