Higurashi: When They Cry - Episode #23

Title: Place to Return (Chapter: Atonement, Part 2)

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Status: Finished
  • Rena goes through her father's checkbook and discovers he is overspending the money. After school, Rena returns to the landfill and blames Rina for making a plan. When Rina attempts to choke Rena, she kills her by slicing her stomach open with a glass shard and beating her with a metal pipe. That night, Rena discovers Teppei beating her father outside the house. Rena leads Teppei to the landfill, where she ambushes and kills him. The next day, Rena cuts their bodies into pieces and wraps them up in small packages. Her friends convince her to accept who she is. They dump the packages into a small cave in the woods. When Rena leaves, Mion tells the rest of them to forget the incident.
  • Episode Title:
    Place to Return (Chapter: Atonement, Part 2)
    Alternate Title:
    Tsumihoroboshi-hen Sono Ni – Kaeru Tokoro
    Air Date: