Higurashi: When They Cry - Kai - Episode #12

Title: Massacre Chapter Seven – Hinamizawa Syndrome

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Status: Finished
  • Rika tells her friends the details of the Hinamizawa Syndrome, regarding how the disease whose symptoms show up when one tries to leave the village. Rika reveals that the clinic, was actually an establishment built to research the disease, or more specifically gather information on how to harness it as a biological weapon, sponsored by various bureaucratic connections collectively referred to as "Tokyo". The Yamainu are revealed to be a security force tasked with maintaining the secrecy of such an operation. Irie is revealed to be innocent in the matter and works at the institute, but his actual intentions were to find a cure for the syndrome rather than developing a biological weapon. Rika revealed that her family lineage has been referred to "Queen Carrier" that have suppressed the onset of symptoms of the syndrome, and thus she is targeted by the military. Her friends believe her without hesitation. The police are stationed, at Rika's request, around the residence to give her added protection. The military forces kill Ōishi and his assistant at the radio tower.
  • Episode Title:
    Massacre Chapter Seven – Hinamizawa Syndrome
    Alternate Title:
    Minagoroshi-hen Sono Nana – Hinamizawa Shōkōgun
    Air Date: