Higurashi: When They Cry - Kai - Episode #19

Title: Festival Accompanying Chapter Six – Opening

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Status: Finished
  • Hanyū is introduced into the world as a transfer school student. She recalls Takano when she met her, and learns that her military forces are the culprits behind the attack. Hanyu tells this to Rika, who has seemingly lost her memories from Minagoroshi-hen. Hanyū also discloses her own backstory as a former god of the local land. Akasaka returns to the village to investigate Rika's clairvoyance and her connection to the curse, and recruits Ōishi. Irie discloses "Emergency Manual #34" to Rika, which states that the sudden death of the "Queen Carrier" will lead to the gassing of the citizens before they can succumb to the symptoms. Rika tries to decode the reason why Takano would try to kill her and recruits her friends, by analogizing her situation to the plot of a manga she is writing. Mion suggests that opposing factions of a secret society may be contending for power. Meanwhile, Takano becomes the head member of a new research facility and reveals her plan to defeat Koizumi's faction.
  • Episode Title:
    Festival Accompanying Chapter Six – Opening
    Alternate Title:
    Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Roku – Makuake
    Air Date: