Higurashi: When They Cry - Kai - Episode #20

Title: Festival Accompanying Chapter Seven – Trap

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Status: Finished
  • Rika, Ōishi and Akasaka present Takano as the culprit to Irie and Tomitake, and eventually enlists the help of Tomitake to gather incriminating evidence in the shadows. Rika also asserts to Ōishi that the Sonozaki family is not behind the annual murder mysteries. She later reveals to her friends the truth of her intended murder, and they manage to boost each other's morale to confront Takano's willpower together. Rika ponders that her experiences in past worlds were used after all, as it seems her friends have inherently learned from their past mistakes. Keiichi and Satoko devise a plan to save Rika as an effort to debunk the validity of "Emergency Manual #34". Meanwhile, Irie is still skeptical of Takano's intentions, but his suspicions are confirmed when he visits Akasaka, who is stationed at Rika's house to appear as if Rika and Satoko are in the residence. Rika and her friends attempt to enlist the help of Ōishi to make a police announcement, but Ōishi is hesitant at first. Tomitake learns of Takano's connection with Koizumi, and her monetary connections with the military. Irie and Ōishi are surprised to learn that many of the village elders have laid down past conflicts and now preach peace with the Hōjō family. Ōishi enlists the help of his friends to carry out about Rika's fate.
  • Episode Title:
    Festival Accompanying Chapter Seven – Trap
    Alternate Title:
    Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Nana – Torappu
    Air Date: