Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls - Episode #7

Title: Failure of a Climber

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Status: Airing
  • Jun reminisces about how she was loner thanks to her love of climbing. At the competition, Konomi attempts to user her analytic skills to solve Problem D. However, she is unable to do so, which results in her running out of time. Meanwhile, the other competitors struggle during their climbs. It is soon realized that the reason for this is that their inability to match Konomi's feat has cause them to panic. Later, Kurea takes on Problem D, while Jun takes on Problem A. Accepting that Konomi is better than her, Kurea decides to do just enough to relay a message to her teammates. Jun meanwhile fails to send the first three problems. As she is struggling with Problem D, Jun remembers how she loved climbing so much that she even drove away her friend Haruna when she thought Haruna was not taking it seriously. Ultimately, Jun ends up not sending any problems. In the back, Konomi tries to comfort Jun, but Jun ignores her. While she is alone, Jun becomes distraught over her failure.
  • Episode Title:
    Failure of a Climber
    Alternate Title:
    Kuraimā Shikkaku
    Air Date:
    Comedy Sports School