Warlords of Sigrdrifa - Episode #7

Title: Fuji Pillar Retreat!

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Status: Airing
  • Inside the Fuji Primary Pillar, the 909th quickly realize their opponents are fallen Valkyries, and are attacked by Sakura's plane. Claudia, Leyli, and Lizbet distract Sakura while the rest of the 909th attack Thor. Outside the Fuji Primary Pillar, additional Pillars begin to appear, risking overwhelming the human forces, causing Major General Okita to order a retreat. During the retreat, Sonoka is injured. Meanwhile, at the base, Odin dodges Okita's questions about the true nature of Thor and Valhalla. Thor meanwhile unleashes an energy blast at the base, killing Odin, Okita, and most of the command staff. After the battle, it is revealed that Claudia, Miyako, and Azuzu will undertake a civilian evacuation, while Amatsuka volunteered to rescue Valkyries still trapped inside the Fuji Primary Pillar. Sonoka and Amatsuka then have a private conversation where Amatsuka promises she will return. Afterwards, Amatsuka and her squad are given a sendoff. Sometime later, an injured Lizbet arrives at the rally point and she reveals that Amatsuka did not survive.
  • Episode Title:
    Fuji Pillar Retreat!
    Alternate Title:
    Fuji Pirā Tettai-sen!
    Air Date:
    Action Military